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Positive Thinking

We have often heard – A thought can change your life – but how often have we delved into its deepness. Everybody says – THINK POSITIVE –and then we wonder how one can think positive when one is in deep trouble. But the truth is positive thinking can actually change your life completely.

Now, what is Positive Thinking and is it possible to think about “Good Stuff” all the time. The answer is a BIG YES, it’s possible. A negative thought leads us to a path of doom. If a person is depressed or is in trouble or is facing challenges in his/her relationships, a negative thought acts like a heavy boulder on the shoulders, constantly pulling one down. At the same time, a positive thought acts like an anchor, continuously pulling one up. A negative thought does more harm than good then why not have positive thoughts all the time.

Postive thinking helps in every aspect of life at every level.It can make your relationships more loving and peaceful both at home and office.One can attract money and prosperity by merely having positive thoughts.Addictions can be overcome miraculously.Work can be more fun. Success will become your friend.

Yes, Positive Thinking does all this and more.

Certified life coach and Teen Counseling Center
Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner (EFT)

Michelle Mehta

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