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Reiki Healing

Can there be one cure for every ailment? While we might not have a wonder drug or a magic shoe that fits all, there’s one thing that every human being has – an innate healing ability. As it is said, “Some people may not be cured, but everyone can be healed.” Reiki is a way of enabling this.

Reiki (pronounced Ray-Key) is a thousand-year-old energy healing technique meaning “Universal Life Force Energy” in Japanese. When this energy is channelled – through a Reiki practitioner’s palms and symbols or by yourself – it intuits the person’s needs. It then adjusts itself to create the effect that is appropriate for them through releasing blockages and balancing energy flow.

Once you have received Reiki attunement from a practitioner, you become a Reiki channel and remain so for the rest of your life. It does not wear off and you can never lose it. It may sound complicated but is the most simple and natural healing modality. Let me demystify it for you below.

What can Reiki Who Created Reiki?

It seems to always have been there. The Japanese Grandmaster Mikao Usui developed the most current form of modality which is taught and practiced here at Radiant Karma. However written records of people practicing it for 2,500 years have been found and some even believe that this was also practiced by Lord Shiva himself.

What can Reiki heal?

Since our physical, mental and spiritual selves are all made of energy, the universal life force works at all these levels. For example, it empowers you to cure ailments like Diabetes and Asthma, while also healing the reason they manifested in your life at a spiritual level. Further, it can also be used for manifestation and protection.

What happens in a Reiki session?

Once the practitioner has taken your brief history, they would help you relax and then place their palms on or little above your affected areas. The purpose is energy flow and balancing, and unlike the common perception, it is not a form of massage (and yes, you’ll have your clothes on). Depending on your needs as intuited by Reiki, the practitioner would sometimes be guided to draw Reiki symbols or make grids for you.

What are the tools of Reiki?

Reiki needs no tools except a channel (your healer or you yourself, once attuned). That’s all. It works even if the receiver doesn’t ‘believe in it.’ However, to amplify the effect or help one ground and center oneself, some people supplement sessions with crystals, meditations and salts.

Can I manifest anything with it?

Reiki channelizes intent and energy to help you manifest your goals. However this modality not only shouldn’t be used for selfish intent, it also couldn’t be used for that. Reiki is guided by God-consciousness, hence it always works for your best interest and can never harm.

How can I learn Reiki?

There are three levels of Mastery.

· Reiki level 1 enables one to self-heal using one’s hands.

· Reiki Level 2 introduces highly potent symbols kept secret through the ages and working with crystal grids, enabling distance healing.

· Reiki level 3 (3A and 3B) enable one to go deeper as with psychic surgery, and finally teach and attune others. When one completes all these levels, one is called a Reiki Grandmaster.

You can learn reiki at your own pace and complete all the levels to become a healer, master or teacher. At Radiant Karma, Reiki Courses & Workshops are available in groups in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida. Reiki distance healing is available everywhere (perhaps even Mars J).

Reiki Services & Classes offered :

· Reiki training for Levels 1, 2 , 3 , 4 and 5 (Grandmaster)

· Reiki healing for treatment of diseases physical and mental (BP, Diabetes, Depression, Injuries)

· Reiki for lifestyle modification (weight loss, sleep issues)

· Aura cleansing (Removal of negative energy) and psychic protection

· House clearing and protection

· Reiki for focus, concentration and success

· Reiki for manifestation

· Reiki for relationship healing and family harmony

· Reiki for self-improvement for example, anger management

· Distance Healing for all the above needs

· Crystal-grid advance healing

· Distance healing

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