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Past Life Regression

We don’t know the future but we can know the past. Why? To learn from it and enhance our present. Regression is the reverse of repression.

Do you come across these questions – Why can’t I feel the happiness from within? Why’s there chronic pain in my back? Why am I constantly repeating my patterns of failed relationships, mediocre jobs and conflicted family life?

Past Life Regression (PLR) Therapy is based on the principles of cause and effect which is commonly known as ‘Karma’. Everything we do or experience has a consequence, an imprint and forms a belief. Most of our issues are because of these beliefs. Intense memories – both traumatic and rapturous – embed in our subconscious and form our core beliefs. Beliefs are carried and often complicated through the lifetimes, forming a pattern.

PLR is a means of getting to the root of our problems by helping us recall the specific lifetimes which manifested them.

As Brian Weiss said, ‘Perhaps at the moment that an event occurs we have neither the insight or the foresight to comprehend the reason, but with time and patience it will come to light.”

Here’s where I step in. At Radiant Karma, we resolve the issues at physical, mental and emotional levels. Although anyone try self-hypnosis online, a good practitioner safely leads you back to the present, helps heal the issues and integrate the insights with your present reality.
I can help you in healing:

· Chronic physical ailments: Like allergies, migraine, diabetes, epilepsy, weight disorders.

· Mental disorders: Such as anxiety, phobias and depression.

· Patterns and habits: Like attracting abusive partners or jumping from job to job.

· Healing: Trauma, abuse and suicidal tendencies.

** Call me for a Past Life Regression session if you happen to be in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida area.

Certified life coach and Teen Counseling Center
Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner (EFT)

Michelle Mehta

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