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Crystal Healing

Have you felt the magic pull of a gleaming stone? Perhaps you find gemstone jewellery attractive or crystal bracelets soothing? You’re not alone. The Ramayana and Mahabharata elucidated how jewels symbolized opulence, strength and power. Ancient texts from 1st century lauded the protective powers of diamonds ‘against serpents, thieves and poisons’. Philosopher’s Stone and Arkenstone drove Harry Potter and the Hobbit.

Crystals have also been prized for millennia by healers, shamans and priests for their curative powers. Amethysts – thought to be created from divine tears of Dionysus –are still used for liberation from intoxication. King Solomon’s Emerald and Sun God’s ruby, the Syamantaka and the nine sacred crystals, Navratna are more famous than most celebrities. Crystals were a major export through Silk Route. Even today, Miranda Kerr tucked one in her undergarments, Victoria Beckham drinks tea made of crystal teabags and Katrina Kaif vouches that they help to recover from heartbreak.

So how do these crystals work?

Like a magnet whose power comes from its crystal-clear organization (no pun intended), crystals influence our energy field through their inner order. As coherence is a stronger natural force than chaos, introducing order into a disorganized state, like placing a crystal on an aching muscle, can restore the body’s balance. The therapeutic powers of crystals can be channelled to help balance bodily systems and emotions.

Where do I step in?

“The eyes only see what the mind already knows.” While a crystal would still work if you buy it without knowing about it – for they say ‘You don’t choose the crystal, the crystal chooses you” – the power intensifies through focussed intention and the correct method as guided by an experienced professional.

Crystal Healing Services offered:

· Chakra Balancing and Colour therapy

· Alleviating physical ailments (in tandem with medical therapy)

· Releasing energy blockages

· Crystal meditation

· Crystals for mental clarity and focus

· Crystals for guidance and life direction

· Cleansing crystals for positivity in home or workspace

· Crystal protection

· Pain relief

· Healing anxiety, reducing stress and promoting peace

** A wide variety of energized crystals are also available for sale.

Certified life coach and Teen Counseling Center
Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner (EFT)

Michelle Mehta

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