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Angel Healing

Angels are messengers of God working to heal the planet. If we relate to God as our parent, angels feel like friends. For example, when one feels ashamed and needs guidance, it’s easier to approach a friend rather than parents. They can be called upon to assist us with our mundane tasks (like speeding up the queue!) as well as grand dreams.

Like friends, angels are just a call away. But they do need to be called upon, for the Law of Free Will dictates they need consent. Angel healing is a modality to experience angelic healing with a direct connection through specific signs and evoking our own psychic senses. Working with our unique guardian angels feels like reconnecting with our forgotten self. Archangels can be called upon for specific guidance, like a specialist doctor for specific ailments.

I obtained my Angel Therapy certification directly by the founders of the modality, Doreen Virtue & Charles Virtue. The workshops I hold contain two levels, a one day Basic course which enables you to heal yourself and a two-day advanced course which takes you deeper and helps you heal others.

** Please call for workshops if you are in Delhi, Gurgaon, NCR area. I conduct workshops for both big as well as small groups.

Certified life coach and Teen Counseling Center
Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner (EFT)

Michelle Mehta

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