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Angels Calling – Holistic Healing | Angel Card Reading | Past Life Regression | Reiki | Crystal Therapy | EFT

Chandana Sahoo is a renowned holistic healer with 26 years of experience. A dedicated practitioner, she has trained directly under the masters and founders. She is a Doreen Virtue-certified Angel Card Reader, Drs. Newton and Lakshmi Kondaveti-certified Past Life Therapist and Leonard Orr-certified Rebirthing Breathwork practitioner. She also trained under Charles Virtue (Angel Certification Program- ACP) and attended workshops by Dr. Brian Weiss and Andy Tomlinson. A Reiki Master Teacher, she also has certifications in Emotional Freedom Technique, Pranic healing and Crystal Therapy under her belt.

However as they say, the biggest training ground is life itself. She always felt spiritually inclined and started practicing Reiki at a young age. But her direct experience of the treacherous and tumultuous side of life steered her to strengthen her connection with the angels, which is when she started experiencing miracles in her everyday life. She then made it her mission to bring light and healing to troubled individuals, something she has dedicatedly and successfully done ever since.

With a background in banking – having worked at ICICI for ten years – her advice is as accurate and practical as is she heart-centered. As a highly experienced practitioner in her field you are guaranteed a professional experience with her. She has frequently appeared in the media and has a loyal repeat clientele.

She uses her gift of intuition to personalize the healing experience depending on the needs of each individual. For example, she often chooses Rebirthing Breathwork to release birth traumas, Emotional Freedom Technique to liberate suppressed emotions and Angel Therapy for guidance. Clients are welcome to choose their specific modalities as well, like Past Life Therapy to remove blockages and Reiki for chakra balancing. Her greatest success is that most of her clients come from word-of-mouth publicity and personal recommendations, reflecting her brilliant skilfulness and trustworthy nature.

While she holds sessions and workshops at CR Park (Delhi), Gurgaon and Noida, she also holds virtual and telephonic counselling sessions. Reiki distance healing is also available. As a Krishna devotee she also frequently organizes spiritual tours and joins hands with ISKON. She has a soft corner for and special experience of empowering individuals affected with HIV.

Services and Workshops available:

Reiki healing

Angel Therapy

Crystal healing

Past Life Regression

Emotional Freedom Technique

Pranic healing

Kundalini awakening

Rebirthing Breathwork

Candle Magick

Vision Board crafting

Full-moon meditation

Organized spiritual tours for solo travellers and groups.


Reiki Healing

Can there be one cure for every ailment? While we might not have a wonder drug or a magic shoe that fits all, there’s one thing that every human being has – an innate healing ability.

Past Life Regression (PLR)

We don’t know the future but we can know the past. Why? To learn from it and enhance our present. Regression is the reverse of repression.

Angel Healing

Angels are messengers of God working to heal the planet. Even though God has many-splendored ways of connection, angel healing feels especially light and warm.

Crystal Healing

Have you felt the magic pull of a shiny stone? Perhaps you find gemstone jewellery attractive or crystal bracelets soothing? You’re not alone.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

The emotional freedom Technique is a powerful self-help technique showing that emotional trauma contributes greatly to disease.

Spiritual Tours

Some places on Earth resonate at a higher vibration, for example, Mathura and Vrindavan where Lord Krishna was born and raised. Further, the importance of Sangha – righteous.

Certified life coach and Teen Counseling Center
Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner (EFT)

Michelle Mehta

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